Table of Contents

a. Alice in Wonderland

                        i. The parody of Jabberwocky poem – Christmaswocky

                       ii. Wiki project

b. Sonnet Project – A Summer Day

c. SSR

                      i. Reading Logs/Voice Threads

                              1. Change of Heart

                              2. Girl, Interrupted 

d. Literary History Project

                    i. Classical Period

                              1. Bibliography

                              2. Powerpoint

                              3. Antigone – Includes answers to Prologue, Scenes 1-5, and Exodus

                                                a. Facebook Wiki

                  ii. Medieval Period

                             1. Bibliography

                             2. Powerpoint

                            3. Beowulf Prezi

                            4. Canterbury Tales Presentation – The Nun’s Priest

              iii.  Restoration Period

                           1. Bibliography

                           2. Prezi

            iv. Modern/Post Modern Period

                          1. Bibliography

                          2. Prezi

                          3. Short Stories Critiques

Classical Home Picture

Modern building built with a classical design.


The style of my house is a raised ranch, this is not a picture of my house though. It is just a picture of a raised ranch . The houses in my neighborhood are a large. I think that the style of my house and the other houses in my neighborhood say that we all live comfortably and happily.